Welcome to SoftwareByThomas

Experience makes great developers

What can I tell you about me?

I'm Thomas Barles, a French Software Engineer living in London.

I have spent the last decade exploring the finance industry.

From working day to day with the best traders in one of the most successful hedge fund to working hand in hand with performance experts to enhance automatic trading engines, I am always interested in a new challenge.

What do I believe in?

What is my expertise?

Soft skills


Working together to achieve something bigger.

The art of software development isn't all about your coding skills. The secret is to invest time understanding your clients and collaborating with your colleagues. If you are not, you're only doing half of your job.


You want to gets Things Done!

There something special about London. You cannot stay in the world’s most competitive market by chance. You have to keep your skills sharp enough to be able to challenge the bests. It is expected from you to be reactive to any difficulties met on your project.


In a world always changing...

Even if I am used to work in English, I speak as well French and Spanish.

Hard skills


Let me code.

I love programming.
I have years of experience on critical business applications deployed worldwide. I know how to code safely, quickly and in a team. My speciality is server side C#.

Quality improvement

With an Agile developer's mind...

Everyone agree now on the importance of unit tests and refactoring. To decrease troubleshooting and thus delivery times, the key is to keep builds short and trigger them on commit.

Performance and Memory optimisation

Profile and optimise.

The first step in improving your application is proper measurement in order to identify where improvements are needed. Knowing the right tools and how to use them efficiently is what you can expect from a world class developer.

How can I help you?

Any question? Just contact Me

You have questions? You have ideas? I am always interested in chatting with smart people. As I am nomad and always working on one or two projects, I could take time to answer sometimes.
e : thomas.barles+softwarebythomas[at]gmail.com